Countdowns Will Be Back Next Week!

We apologize for the absence of the Aural Eyes Top 10 Countdown, but we’re pleased to announce that next week the countdowns will be posted again! The last countdown we posted was in May, but we’re pleased to announce that they’ll be back!

We’ve still been creating them behind the scenes, we’ve just been unable to post consistently. In fact, just to hold you over until next week, here is a list of the #1 songs from all the countdowns we’ve been unable to post:

5/20/12: Imagine Dragons – “It’s Time”
5/27/12: Imagine Dragons – “It’s Time”
6/3/12: Imagine Dragons – “It’s Time”
6/10/12: Imagine Dragons – “It’s Time”
6/17/12: Shinedown – “Unity”
6/24/12: Imagine Dragons – “It’s Time” (Broke 6 year old record for most weeks at #1 with their 12th week at #1.)
7/1/12: Shinedown – “Unity”
7/8/12: Shinedown – “Unity”
7/15/12: Shinedown – “Unity”
7/22/12: Shinedown – “Unity”
7/29/12: Shinedown – “Unity”
8/5/12: Shinedown – “Unity”


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