Top 100 Countdown of 2012 – #100-91

It’s that time of year again when we bring you Aural Eyes’ top 100 song of the year. After much debate, we’ve chosen and ordered our list, and we’re starting it off by revealing numbers 100-91 right now. Enjoy!


We’ll probably get some flak for this. Muse took the rest of the world by storm this year with “Madness”. However here at Aural Eyes, the song failed to chart on our countdown. This doesn’t mean we don’t like the song, we do…it just never got the spark here at AE.


Adelitas Way almost topped the year-end chart last year with their track “Sick”. This year, a couple more tracks from “Home School Valedictorian” are on this year’s chart, the first of which comes in at #99.


Over the years, Lacuna Coil has had varied success on our countdowns, with their most successful track being “Spellbound”. This year, the band will clock in a couple more tracks on this year’s countdown, starting with “Fire”.


It seemed in 2012 that you couldn’t get through any sporting event without hearing “Burn It Down” being played. Despite it’s massive success in the mainstream, the song didn’t quite reach that popularity here, but we still liked it enough to put it at #97.


Don’t get us wrong, we love the foo! This was the last song off of “Wasting Light”, and it just wasn’t as prominent as the other tracks from the album unfortunately. We’re just excited we got to put them on this year’s list!


Otherwise exploded on to the Rock scene this year, and the second single from “True Love Never Dies” just reinforced that the band has some serious potential.


As was the case with a few other artists on the countdown, “It’s Complicated” just fell victim to the successes of it’s predecessors, and couldn’t find the success other songs off the same album did. However, we still dig it, and we put it at #94.


We’re huge Slash fans, and we’re huge Myles Kennedy fans, and this song had some mild success here at AE, but only enough to get it to #92 this year.


Gold Fields debuted late in there year, but we’re digging their sound so much they manage to sneak in at #92 this year. It’s rare that a song will appear on 2 year-end countdowns, but if this song explodes here, don’t be surprised to see it much higher next year.


Silversun Pickups released “Neck of the Woods” this year, and though we love it, it didn’t quite capture the success as previous albums did. Despite all that, they still managed to get 3 songs on our year end chart, with this being the first.


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