Top 100 Countdown of 2012: #90-81




Adelitas Way scores their second song on this year’s top 100 with Criticize. The song did well in the mainstream rock world, but on Aural Eyes, it only managed to peak at #18.




With each new release, O’ Brother becomes closer and closer to breaking out. They almost managed to do it this year, but the stiff competition stopped that at a peak of #14, enough to get them at #89 on our year end chart.




The second single off of “Nox Aeris” had the potential to be as much as a success as it’s predecessor was, but unfortunately it on captured moderate success, enough to get it to #88 on the year end chart.




The Black Keys are one of the coolest bands to come around in a long time, and although “Gold on the Ceiling” couldn’t manage to score high on our chart, expect better results in the future…and on this chart.




Although their results on this chart doesn’t reflect it, Lacuna Coil put together one of the best albums of 2012. Unfortunately the singles they chose to release didn’t connect on our chart and their highest song on the year end list clocks in at #86.




New Medicine broke on to the scene this year with a few hits, the first on the year end chart is “Rich Kids”. With the in-your-face lyrics and crazy antics the band embodies, we expect some fun and successful music in the future.




Jane’s Addiction scored a hit last year with “Irresistible Force”, and although “Twisted Tales” has some of the same mystique and earthy feel to it, it couldn’t recapture the success “Force” did.




Two Days worth of counting down, two Silversun Pickups songs revealed. “Bloody Mary” has that aspect of uniqueness that gives it an edge, but it only managed to peak at #13, giving it a lower result on the year-end chart.




It took a while to heat up, but once it did, “Everybody Talks” was a Top 40 smash. It didn’t fare too well here, but it is still a catchy song that is taken from one of this years strongest albums. #82 seemed low even for us, but after reviewing our chart several times, it’s in the spot it deserves to be in the Aural Eyes world.




Foster the People had a breakthrough year in 2011, and some of the tracks off their debut smash lingered in to 2012. “Don’t Stop” is a fun and catchy song that is only the first the band scored on our year end chart.


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