Top 100 of 2012: #70-61




Alex Clare exploded on the scene this year with “Too Close”. With a little help from Microsoft, the song skyrocketed not only on Alternative radio, but also on Top 40. Although the song just stopped short of hitting the top ten here at Aural Eyes, we still can’t get enough of this song, and it’s #70 on our year-end list.




“Trojans” was one of those songs that debuted on our chart and could never muster up enough to break in to the top ten. However, the song has jumped between positions on the lower part of the chart and ended the year as a countdown mainstay. With a new video already out and a new album on the way, Atlas Genius could definitely be a band to watch in 2013.




C’mon…how can you not like Fitz and the Tantrums? With that old school funky vibe they got going on, the band put together a solid effort with “Don’t Gotta Work It Out”, and landed into the top 100 of the year.




The second single off of Imagine Dragons’ debut album lands at #67 on our year-end chart. And although it didn’t even come close to matching the success of “It’s Time”, it’s still a fantastic song and to be completely honest, could still gather a second wind. 2013 should be another big year for the Las Vegas natives, but only time will tell.




Five Finger Death Punch scores a spot at #66 this year with one of their softer songs, but also one of their best. Peaking at #10, the song almost bolted higher on the chart, but fell just short.




Of Monsters and Men broke out this year with their alternative smash “Little Talks”. Accompanied by one of the coolest videos of the year, the song lands at #65 on this year’s chart.




This year was a huge year for Alternative music, and our chart even only up to this point should have already indicated that. One of the year’s catchies tunes is “Youth Without Youth”. Peaking at #10, the song deserved to peak much higher, but with such a competitive year this year, it just wasn’t in the cards for Metric. Still, a year-end #64 isn’t all that bad for a band’s first song on the Aural Eyes charts.




Babel, the band’s new 2012 album took the world by storm, and so did “I Will Wait”. With the precise musicianship and spot-on vocals, the song snatches the #63 spot on our year-end list.




This is classic Aerosmith, at it’s best. With Steven Tyler’s one-of-a-kind voice and the band just as good as ever, Aerosmth captures #62 with “Lover Alot”




To end this segment of the year end chart, we bring you the first song on the top 100 of 2012 that peaked higher than #10 throughout the year. Capturing a peak of #9, Within Temptation’s unique mix of metal and orchestra still intrigues fans all over the world, and we can’t get enough here either. “Fire and Ice” was the last single off of “The Unforgiving” album to chart on our countdown.


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