About Aural Eyes

So what is Aural Eyes?

Well, we needed a name that was going to catch people’s attention for one. Next, we were simply trying to be clever. Aural is defined as “of or pertaining to the ear or to the sense of hearing.”  Thus, a place for your eyes to see the latest in music news and opinions is born. We like it. We hope you will too.

This blog is going to be a source of our opinions, news and information about all things music.

So that we’re straight with you up front, the majority of our information is going to be rock-focused. Hard Rock, Alternative, Metal, Soft Rock, Pop Rock…you get the drift.

HOWEVER, we are music lovers in general, and we’re not trapped in a bubble. We’ll occassionally throw some Pop, Country, Rap…hell we may even throw some classical or instrumental out there.  There is no music off limits.

We hope to establish some cool and interesting standards as well such as weekly release date updates, reviews and just for fun we’ll post a countdown of our favorite songs each week.

We’re here to have fun, post our opinions and give people a new place to get their music information fix and interact with us. Thank you for letting us introduce ourselves to you.


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