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Aural Eyes Countdown – 9/27/15



Aural Eyes Countdown – 9/20/15



Aural Eyes Countdown: 3/22/15

Check out this weeks countdown below:


Aural Eyes Countdown: 03/15/15

We’re back…  Here is this week’s countdown!


Aural Eyes Countdown: 08/10/14

This is one of those week’s that comes around a few times a year were there is an explosion of debuts. Though there are debuts a plenty, only one managed to crack the top 10, and that was Sixx: A.M. with “Gotta Get It Right”.  An odd trivia tid bit: Flyleaf debuts on the countdown with their new track “Set Me On Fire” which puts them on the same chart with former singer Lacey Sturm, who is featured as a solo artist on this week’s #9 song “Take The Bullets Away” by We As Human. In a different debut situation, In Flames’ track “Rusted Nail” makes it’s debut at #1 this week on the chart. With the massive competition on the chart, can they hold on next week too? For now, enjoy!

Issue Date: 08/10/14


Aural Eyes Countdown: 8/3/14

The only huge leap this week comes from In Flames. After slow beginnings, “Rusted Nail” jumps nine spots to #3 this week. After briefly flirting with dropping down the countdown, We As Human jumps back up the countdown this week making it up to #2. Nobody could overtake Royal Blood though. For the second straight week the band tops the chart with “Figure It Out”.

Issue Date: 8/3/14


Aural Eyes Countdown: 07/27/14

Royal Blood wasted no time topping our chart. In only it’s second week, “Figure It Out” shoots to #1. After making it back up to #1 Alter Bridge dips down to #3 this week. This week also see’s two debuts. The first from Heartist with “Skeletons”, and the second from Sia with her smash hit “Chandelier”. Enjoy!

Issue Date: 07/27/14


Aural Eyes Countdown – 07/20/14

We’re back! (Finally). A lot has happened since we took a little break.  First, Starset has shattered the record for most weeks at number 1. They recently completed their 17th week at #1, and this week they’re still showing signs of possibly making another run. The band clocks in at #2 this week. Starset is also the only band still on the countdown from the last time we posted one on the site.  Another story is Royal Blood. The relatively new band is garnering quite a following in the rock music scene, and they’ve attained some initial success here too. “Out of the Black” has already peaked at #1, and their new single “Figure It Out” debuts this week. #1 this week comes from Alter Bridge. It’s been a while since they topped out chart, but in it’s 16th week, the band reigns supreme again. Check out this week’s chart below…Enjoy!

Issue Date: 07/20/14


Aural Eyes Countdown: 2/16/14

Chevelle and Lacuna Coil break on to our countdown with their new songs, but the story that captivates this week is that of the third debut from Within Temptation. After over two months of release, the song finally catches fire and debuts on the chart. With movement thanks to the debuts, there was still no match for Starset as “My Demons” tallies their sixth week atop our chart.

Issue Date: 2/16/14


Aural Eyes Countdown – 1/26/14

This week we’ve got two big stories. Starset is breaking out as one of 2014’s early success stories here at Aural Eyes, as this week they capture their 4th week at #1.  Also, this week has an explosion of debuts, seven of them to be exact. Enjoy!

Issue Date: 1/26/14